Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New -REVISED- Bat System

Back when I was working for Ceramics Canada, the Alberta Potters Guild held a workshop in the warehouse with a fantastic potter by the name of Ryan Cameron of Velvet Antler Pottery in Field, BC. Now, the town of Field is just a short drive West of Lake Louise. The town itself is actually located within Yoho National Park and to live there you actually have to be an employee of the Park system. Ryan is a potter through the winter and a forest ranger during the summer. And if you could see where he lives you, as I do, would think he has the best life in the world! Actually, I'm going to see if I have any pictures....

Ryan, as you can see in the picture above, throws alot of his pots on bisqued tiles which are set into a bat. So after that workshop, Ceramics Canada had a fellow routered out bats like Ryan’s and sold them, and of course, I HAD TO BUY ONE. So I've had mine for about six years and must admit it has done considerably well. But now the water has finally got in and only allows me about half a day of throwing before it starts to expand. So onto Version 2.0.

Now, you can buy systems like this like the Versa-Bat System but they make the inserts a specific size that only fit their system, and I already have all these tiles. So the new experiment is instead of wood, using plastic. At Greenbarn, Vancouver's clay supplier, they sell PLASTI-BATS. And it turns out that a tile is the same thickness as a plasti-bat. So remembering some elementary school mathematics I was able to find the centre of a circle and then centre the tile. After that a little cutting and sanding.... I think I've done it!!!

The big test will be tomorrow morning when tile and clay catapult themselves across the studio. Or, it just might work.

Here's some construction pics.

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