Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lynnmour Park

We cut through Lynnmour Park frequently and are confused by the signage posted around this park. If you enter from the South West corner by the school you are greeted with a sign that reads "Dogs allowed on pathway only." And the image is of a dog without a leash.

Now, this park is frequently used by family's with both small children and dogs because seemingly all are welcome. I have seem multiple family's with multiply dogs sitting on the benches as there children play, as it use to be before dogs were denounced to their own park areas and back when a community park was for all in the community. But really this is a whole other issue.... back to the signs!

On the other hand, if you enter this park from the North side by the district's plant/maintenance yard you are greeted with a sign stating "DOGS PROHIBITED."

The funny thing is that on each sign they reference the same bylaw #5981.

So how is it possible that this bylaw can both allowed and not allowed dogs in this park?